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Moving can be a stressful and hectic experience, but Blue Ridge Green Cleaning is here to make your transition smoother and your old or new residence shine. Our Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Service is your trusted partner when it comes to preparing your space for the next chapter. Whether you’re leaving behind a home filled with memories or starting anew, we are committed to ensuring that the property is immaculate and ready for its next occupants. Serving the beautiful communities of Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg, Virginia, our professional team brings years of experience and an eco-friendly touch to every clean, ensuring a seamless move-in or move-out experience.

At Blue Ridge Green Cleaning, our Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Service is designed to take the hassle out of this significant life event. We understand that cleanliness and order are essential when handing over or taking control of a property. Our skilled cleaners will meticulously clean every area, leaving no trace of the previous occupants and making your new space feel like home from the moment you walk in. For those leaving a property, our service helps ensure a smooth transition and return of your deposit. For those moving in, it offers peace of mind and a fresh start in a sanitary environment. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly cleaning products, making the transition as healthy for you and the environment as possible. Choose Blue Ridge Green Cleaning for your Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Service, and experience the convenience and peace of mind you deserve during your move in the Blue Ridge region.

Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with our work we'll give you a re-do. Our business was built on community reputation and that means everything to us.

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“Great service from booking to completion. I was very quickly worked into their busy schedule. A team member contacted me the day prior to the cleaning to ask about special areas of concern to ensure their staff was properly equipped when they arrived. Cleaners arrived on schedule and worked diligently until the job was complete. Work was outstanding and was done a bit quicker than estimated. Will call again. Highly recommended.”

Joshua S

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“The team that came by was amazing! They were professional and did a great job on my house. We have a lot of pets and they worked hard to get everything back to orderly. Highly recommend!”

Chris B

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“I had the folks from Blue Ridge Green Cleaning give my townhouse a thorough cleaning. I'm not messy but things get missed along the way and they caught all those areas and got them into show-off quality appearance!”

Frequently asked questions

Where is your service area?

Our expert maids are available in Roanoke, Blacksburg and Christiansburg, Virginia. However, we are expanding our team and the area we cover every day so if you are not sure try booking online or call us. We’ll confirm in seconds.

How do I book a home or commercial cleaning?

If you’re online, simply select the service you want and click the Book Online button to get personalized pricing, schedule an appointment in real-time based on our actual availability, and receive a confirmation. It only takes 60 seconds. Use your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Or call us!

Do I need to be at home when you arrive for the cleaning?

That’s entirely up to you! If you’ve got other things to do, just let us know how we can get access to your home. Some customers provide a garage or door code, others leave a hidden key outside. Let us know when you book online or when you call-in your request. Whatever works for you will work for us! Just let us know what method you’re most comfortable with.

Do I need to supply the vacuum or cleaning products?

We come equipped with everything we need to make your home or commercial facility sparkle.
But if you’d prefer that we use your cleaning products, just let us know when you book online or by phone.

Will I receive reminders for single, recurring, or pre-paid bundle cleaning services?

When you book online or call us, you can select to receive a text message or email before each scheduled service. We typically send reminders one day and two hours before each cleaning appointment.
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